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Whatever happened to white dog sh*t?

It was the ubiquitous norm back in my day, as were no fridge, freezer, washing machine, central heating, colour television, car, foreign holidays, landline telephone (gasp) and (wait for it), mobile phone (panic attack!).

I know what you’re thinking here – post war Britain!

Yes, but not 1950, this was 1970 and I was 8 years old. The (twin-tub) washing machine and spin dryer, colour television and telephones would have to wait until the 1980’s. As for the foreign holidays and central heating; they would have to wait until I was 35 and 44 years old respectively. The car? Nah, never happened but that was the norm in our family, and still is for me.

A hard life? Not for me thankfully, although my late parents might disagree. It was a bloody good childhood by all accounts. If you needed to be geared up for austerity in later life, this was just the start you needed. Of course this was a time before smack and spice became the scourge of our schools, prisons and streets, so life was good

To follow are chapters on birth, school (including a chinchilla), work, prison, drugs, music, relationships, Dubai, London, Spain, Princess Diana and much, much more.

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And as you probably know, the white dog shit is still a mystery to this very day, and the cause of much unrest and heated debate in the small community in Devon which I now inhabit. Well, there aint much more to talk about around these parts unless you want to get me started on music or politics. But more on that subject after I’ve been indoctrinated at Primary school.

Read on…..